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About Us

We specialize in manufacturing unique vintage style women's accessories inspired from old Hollywood. We use up-cycled, high quality sourced vintage & new fabrics. All of our handmade products are ethically sourced, created, Made in USA and we pride ourselves in providing the best quality on the market.


Bella Starr, which means “Beautiful Star” was founded in 2001 

The story behind the name " Bella Starr” 
I got an early start at the age of 8 sneaking into my Mother’s studio to sew Barbie clothes; my mother at the time was a fashion designer and taught me how to sew. At the age of 15, I started my first business designing and selling Madame Alexander doll clothes. During this time I sold heavily through trade shows and retail stores. 

Bella Starr represents a life-long dream come true. I came up with the name based on looking for meaning in my life. I was named after the Beatles song Michelle, whenever it was played, my Dad would always sing that line, “Michelle my Belle” and I would blush.

Prior to founding the company I had an unfortunate health event occur in my life that resulted in a diagnosis of cancer. During this time I found myself gazing at the stars on a road trip in the desert, wishing my cancer away and dreaming I would someday have my own fashion line. I still to this day reach for the stars and never give up on anything in life.